Rome and Vatican Private Tours

Experience the glory of Rome, Italy, on the best private Rome & Vatican tours, with your own exclusive tour guide!


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€ 69.00

My Exclusive Vatican City Tour with Pre-reserved Museum Tickets

Experience the pomp and grandeur of the Holy City on this private Vatican tour.
Including pre-reserved Vatican entry, your own private tour guide will lead you through the glorious corridors and halls of the Vatican for the best experience possible.
€ 71.00

My Exclusive Highlights of the Eternal City Tour

Now an hour longer - 4 hours of Rome sightseeing with your expert guide!
More than just a tour, this is a passport to Rome as it was 2,000 years ago, a glimpse into the lives of the ancient Romans and the forces that shaped them. 
€ 67.00

My Exclusive Highlights of the Eternal City Tour - 6 Hour Tour

Rome's most important sites come to life!
Visit Rome with an expert tour guide who will lead you through the heart of the architecture, politics and culture of this captivating city.
€ 36.25

My Exclusive Rome by Night Tour

Walk the ruins and monuments of ancient Rome as the stars come out and the city lights come on.
What better way to begin your evening than with a full tour of Rome's most famous sites?
€ 90.00

My Exclusive Catacombs and Appian Way Tour

A private Rome tour that goes beyond the ancient city walls.
Travel the Appian Way, the most famous road to Rome and see feats of engineering that still influence city planners all over the world.
€ 46.00

My Exclusive Capitoline Museums Tour

The Capitoline Museum boasts an impressive collection of ancient sculpture plus various 16th and 17th century paintings by the most famous artists of the era.
Discover the great treasures within this historical museum in Rome that dates back to 1471.
€ 50.00

My Exclusive Borghese Galleries Tour

Visit the Borghese Galleries, housed in the villa that once belonged to Cardinal Scipione Borghese in the early 17th century.
As a passionate patron of the arts, he amassed a marvellous collection of paintings, sculptures and antiquities now on display in their original settings. 
€ 98.57

My Exclusive Day in the Life of Ancient Rome & Ostia Antica Tour

A private tour of Ostia. After a grand past as ancient Rome's naval base and major commercial port, this seaside town fell into obscurity.
After centuries of abandon, 19th-century excavations uncovered some of the best preserved ruins of the ancient world to explore on this private Rome. 
€ 186.67

My Exclusive Highlights of Rome by Night Tour By Car

Gain a whole new perspective on the Eternal City with an evening tour with private transport. 
See all of the most important sights when the stars are out and the city lights are turned on for the evening.
€ 98.33

My Exclusive Highlights of the Eternal City by Car

Rome is a big city, what better way to see all of the places you want to visit than with a driving tour!
Touring Rome by car is a great way to visit all of the important sights in Rome with a limited amount of time.
€ 118.33

My Exclusive Sacred Rome Tour

A unique tour of sacred Rome. 
Visit the beautiful churches of Rome along with the underground tunnels in which the faithful were buried.
€ 95.00

My Exclusive Villas of Tivoli Tour with private guide/driver

Visit the centuries old country residences of Roman Emperors and Nobility!  Once the playground of the most powerful and influential of the Roman citizenry, Tivoli is an idyllic little town just 30 minutes drive from Rome and home to some of the most important villas ever constructed.