My Exclusive Cinque Terre Tour
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On 2015/10/02
Erica Diane said:


By far one of my favorite things we did. They bike ride was fantastic, the views were breathtaking (or maybe the other way around, lol), and the tour guide, Ella, was my favorite. I highly recommend this tour for people who want to see more, move around a bit, and try some very yummy wine and olive oil.

On 2015/10/02
Erica Diane said:

Florence is beautful

The tours were great! It was a long day tho, so if you are someone who needs time and breaks I would do it in two days. Everyone was very knowledgable and friendly! I very much so recommend this package

On 2015/09/22
Maria Jimenez said:

Great way to explore Florence

I couldn't recommend this more! If you are looking for a fantastic way to see the city without the crowds, I highly recommend this tour. Marco, the guide, is incredibly knowledgable on the history of Florence and will give you just general tips along the way (best gelato, wine, etc). If you enjoy running and a good tour of a beautiful city, this tour is for you!

On 2015/09/14
Susan Dwyer said:

Not your average tour company! I dealt with a very professional, friendly, and efficient office in Florence to arrange a tour of the Uffizi and a walking tour in Rome. Both were fantastic. Klaus (sp?) led the former and Francesco led the latter. Each was intelligent, articulate, and had deep knowledge of all we were seeing. Groups are kept small, you do not follow a flag. As an experienced traveler I am generally really leery of organized tours, but these guys were amazing. I really felt like I had a personal friend showing me around. If your time in either Florence or Rome is limited, Art Viva tours are essential -- skipping the lines is hugely important. But the genuine interaction with someone who knows the city/sight and who is passionate about sharing their knowledge with you is what matters most.

On 2015/08/13
Gail said:

We did a private Florence walk and Accademia tour with Hilda (from Belgium). She was wonderful! We were travelling with family that lives in Germany and who had been to Florence many times and they felt this tour made their return visit so worthwhile! We also had three kids (10 to 14) with us and they loved it and didn't want it to end. We learned so many interesting facts and our guide didn't miss a beat! Highly recommend.

On 2015/07/02
Julie Wilkinson said:

Uffizzi tour no other

We went on the tour in June 1015, from the beginning the guide and her passion for the gallery and its artists, paintings and masterpieces shone through and had you drawn in wonder. The other couple we were with were won over as they were not lovers of the arts. I say in all sincerety that I am pleased we did the tour and learned some of the unknown specifics behind each works, cannot get that in a book to readily (pun not intended). We highly recommend this tour rather than go individually, in fact look at the feedback from the travel blogs, this is the one tour to do. I will return.

On 2015/06/24
Mike M said:


Thank you Tatiana & Brenda for bringing Firenze to life!! Forever grateful for the new appreciation of art! M

On 2015/06/24
Mike M said:


Tatiana & Brenda were terrific guides who brought Firenze to life!!! Thanks for an informative tour that taught us the beauty of art in Florence, Italy. Forever grateful. Michael

On 2015/06/19
Tonia said:

Skip this tour- Guide was horrible

This is a tour you would want to skip. Tour guide was very overwhelmed by her group. As the tour continued she became increasingly more rude to the guests. After requesting to sit down in an adjoining room- the tour guide said no and yelled at me for wanting to sit. When I returned my headset to her- she responded in her microphone: IT IS BETTER TO LOSE YOU THAN TO HAVE YOU IN MY GROUP. This was sadly not her first outburst. At the start of the tour- the group requested a bathroom break, ( the meeting office wouldn't permit use of their bathroom and the wait to gain entry was approx. 30 min.) the guide made snide comments to the group about guests using the facilities. The guide, Tatiana, was not equipped to handle a 20-25 member tour. I have taken several tours in Italy during my many visits and have NEVER encountered an issue. Not only was the guide rude, but she completed omitted several rooms of art during the beginning of the tour. Skip this tour as the guide will ruin your experience.

On 2015/06/19
TONIA said:


Skip this tour. I have taken many tours during my trips to Italy and this was by far the very worst!! The tour guide - Tatiana - was very overwhelmed with the group. After requesting to have a bathroom stop ( bathrooms were not available in the meeting area and we were made to wait in a long 'tour guide line' for entry)- the guide was very rude- making snide comments about my request. After this at least 2 other tour members were lost due to their bathroom visits. These delays caused the tour guide to become increasingly more rude. I stepped to another room during the tour as I needed a bench to rest my swollen ankle - the tour guide stopped the tour and ask that i remain. When I stated I was just going to be in the next room- she angrily stated that I could not walk away. T At this point I approached the guide and handed her my ear set. After taking my set- she spoke into her mic for all of the party to hear- IT IS BETTER TO LOSE YOU THAN TO HAVE YOU IN MY GROUP. my husband and daughter were stunned

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The famous "Five Lands" on the stunning Ligurian coast on a one-day private tour along the Italian Riviera.

Tour the Cinque Terre, a world-renowned coastal area comprised of some of the Mediterranean's most picturesque seaside villages. See the most beautiful views on this wonderfully-designed private Cinque Terre tour from Florence that explores the must-sees of the Cinque Terre from both land and sea.

With a combination of easy walks, village visits, train rides and a short boat trip between the atmospheric Cinque Terre villages, this is a great way to visit the idyllic Cinque Terre. This tour includes private transfer from Florence, a typical Ligurian restaurant lunch and expert private tour guide to share great stories about each charming village and information on famous Cinque Terre gourmet foods. Your Cinque Terre tour guide will point out the best eateries to purchase delicious local treats and classic local cuisine to savour.

You then have time to visit the best of the ‘Five Lands’ on this easy and convenient private Cinque Terre tour from Florence.

Visit the best of the Cinque Terre village towns by train, boat and on foot, passing through pretty hillside olive groves and vineyards perched along the picturesque Ligurian coast, with stunning views of the sea.

Highlights of the My Exclusive Best of Cinque Terre Tour include:

  • See the best of the Cinque Terre in one day
  • Private transfer from Florence to Cinque Terre
  • Includes lunch featuring typical Ligurian cuisine
  • Fun and easy way to enjoy a full-day guided tour of the Cinque Terre departing from Florence
  • Trek along the Via dell'Amore*
  • Travel the 'Five Lands' via boat, train and on foot
  • Pass by quaint olive groves and delightful vineyards
  • See spectacular views of the picturesque Ligurian Coastline
  • Visit four of the most charming Cinque Terre villages
  • See the fifth Cinque Terre village from a stunning coastal vantage point
  • Spy a Castle built in the 1400s to protect against pirate attacks!
  • Experience some of the Mediterranean's most stunning seaside villages
  • Savour the sights and sounds of the Italian Riviera
  • Pass through Tuscany's picturesque countryside to see postcard perfect scenery flash by your window!
  • Enjoy the company of our delightful English-speaking private tour guide

The run-down of the My Exclusive Best of Cinque Terre Tour:

See some of the Mediterranean's most stunning seaside villages that comprise the Cinque Terre ('Five Lands') in this fantastic one-day, guided trek along the Italian Riviera. This fabulous day-long walking tour passes through pretty hillside olive groves and vineyards perched along the picturesque Ligurian coast, with stunning views of the sea as your Cinque Terre private tour guide takes you to the best of the Cinque Terre village towns.

Accompanied by your exclusive guide, this Cinque Terre tour departs from Florence by private vehicle, heading towards Italy's west coast, where you will be led to the best of the Cinque Terre towns.

First stop is the quaint Cinque Terre village of Manarola, allowing for an exploration of what is officially considered one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. With a cluttering of citrus-coloured tower-houses, this town looks almost edible!

Next trek along the famous 'path of love' walkway, the Via dell'Amore – the stunning pathway adorned with a series of benches dedicated to Greek and Roman gods.

Visit exquisite Riomaggiore, where you will be able to soak up the atmosphere of this lively yet relaxed seaside village.

Catch the local train to Monterosso, the windows framing spectacular views of the Ligurian seaside, including capturing the breath-taking sight of Corniglia as we head to the next port of call along the Cinque Terre.

In Monterosso, see 'Il Gigante' - the Giant carved into a cliff-face who has spent centuries enjoying spectacular coastal views over the Monterosso sea.  

From here, catch the local 'battello' boat to Vernazza, home to a castle built in the 1400s to protect the Cinque Terre village from pirate attack!

This private Cinque Terre tour also provides the chance to enjoy some of the most wonderful aspects of all the Cinque Terre villages – relaxing time, perhaps passed shopping for some traditional locally-produced items, dining on the delicious local produce, simply strolling through the streets for a touch of people-watching or soaking up of the relaxed atmosphere that makes the Cinque Terre so memorable!

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