The Original Grand Canal Tour
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On 2011/07/17
Richard Allen said:

Great guides

Very well arranged and informative. Guides were knowledgeable and answered questions. Would recommend.

On 2011/05/12
Pietro Giannoni said:


ho impiegato molto tempo a scegliere il tour giusto ma in questo caso credo di aver trovato veramente il meglio. Lo consiglio a tutti.Pietro

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Luxurious boat ride along the Grand Canal offering unique vistas of grand palaces, heart-stopping views, film locations, intrigue, scandal and lifestyles of the rich and famous.

A Grand Canal tour with an extra-small group and an excellent guide!

Coast along Venice's Grand Canal, an extraordinarily beautiful and unique highway, marvelling at the stately procession of sumptuous water palaces gazing proudly upon centuries of comings and goings.

But don’t just see the Grand Canal, experience for yourself the lifestyles of the rich and famous with a spicy sprinkling of gossip from those in the know.

Our charming bronzed water taxi skippers have ferried some of the world’s most famous celebrities as well as being the stunt drivers for blockbuster films such as the 007 epic ‘Casino Royale’.

On this unique tour, your Venice tour guide will recount tantalising stories about the famous palaces and sites lining the Grand Canal. Some have been used in famous films, others are the sites of incredible happenings in ages past. Our guides have their fingers on the pulse of Venice, knowing every mossy, misty canal, crumbling palace and skeleton in the cupboard!

Our entertaining companions will bear us along this splendid processional route while we see the palaces of the rich and famous. Hear about celebrities’ favorite local places to hang out.

And all in a small group of no more than 10 adults.

Don’t forget your camera!

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