The Original Evening Walk - Haunting Florence Tour
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On 2011/07/17
Richard Allen said:

Knowledge and tastes

Fantastic. Terrific knowledge presented in an interesting way. The tastings at the end are a real bonus. Thanks.

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The dark, medieval past of Florence is brought to life on an exploration of this charming yet little-known historic quarter.

Our expert guide will lead you on a relaxing stroll around the enchanting and mysterious Oltrarno area. Delve into its mysterious and murky past on this relaxing evening stroll, before taking the edge off with a glass of Italian wine!

See famous Renaissance palaces bristling with scandal and murderous intrigues. Take in breathtaking riverside vistas. 

Hear about the bitter and bloody feud that divided Florence. Discover where once lived the man whose name has become synonymous with evil cunning, Machiavelli. Pass a medieval hospice holding the dark secrets of Michelangelo's murky past, and learn the location of Florence's favourite medieval flagellation spot.

All this and more before sitting back to relax over a glass of Italian wine!

Highlights of the Original Evening Walk - Haunting Florence Tour include:

  • Be accompanied through the most charming streets of Florence by an expert, English-speaking tour guide
  • Explore one of Florence's most charming, fascinating and historic quarters
  • See lovely riverside vistas and picturesque views of the Ponte Vecchio
  • Traverse bustling squares where Florentines have met and enjoyed their evenings for centuries
  • Visit an area repleat with artisans workshops virtually unchanged since the Renaissance
  • Enjoy a glass of Italian wine in a charming setting
  • Discover where the heart of Florence's gourmet restaurant quarter is (and don't forget to ask your tour guide for dinner suggestions!)

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