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Adopt a Vine with Prince Duccio Corsini

from € 850.00

Adopt a Vine with Prince Duccio Corsini

Gain your own piece of Tuscany to treasure. Tour the most magnificent wine estate in Tuscany and learn about the noble art of wine making. Savour a delicious Tuscan lunch. All this whilst being the personal guest of Prince Duccio Corsini.

This is a Tuscan wine tour like no other. Prince Duccio Corsini is famous for his production of fine wines from his estate in the heart of the Tuscan hills near Florence, Italy. 

You will meet the Prince and tour the vineyards, and visit the most beautiful and historic cellars in Italy as his personal guests. You will then place your personalized engraved name plate in the Don Tommaso vineyard, producing the estate's finest signature wine, have lunch and a wine tasting of the estate's wines and receive a gift of two bottles of fine Don Tommaso wine as well as updates on your adopted vintage, and six monthly samples to see how the wine is progressing.

When the grapes on your adopted vine are ready to be picked and bottled, you will receive six bottles of your vintage Don Tommaso wine.

Please note this experience is not available in the month of August.

Highlights and What's Included

o A complete visit of the Prince's wine cellar, the vineyards and Villa Le Corti.
o A tasting of Principe Corsini wines and extra virgin olive oils.
o A gift box containing 2 bottles of Don Tommaso Chianti Classico crù, current vintage.
o A lunch with the Prince Duccio Corsini at the Winery.
o A name plate fixed at a selected vine from which Don Tommaso will be produced, with the name of its "parents".
o 3 small samples (one every six months) shipped to the "parent's" home, to see how the next vintages' Don Tommaso are growing up.
o Finally, after 2 years, receive a wooden case containing 6 bottles of Don Tommaso (in your adopted vintage).

Notes: This Exclusive Experience does not include transportation to and from the villa for your visit with Prince Corsini.  To book a private transfer with us or for more details please email us directly.

Pricing: the price is 900 Euro per couple with the wine package as described. If you wish to receive an addition wine package (that is, have each individual receive their own wine package), there will be an addition cost of 200 euro per extra package.

For additional persons to join: it is 540 euro per additional person (including wine package) for up to 8 persons. Over 8 persons the price is 500 Euro per person.

It is possible to add children and others not receiving the wine portion of the package to the lunch and tour at 150 Euro per person for lunch and tour only, possible only if a minimum package of 850 euro is purchased. 

This experience lasts 2 to 3 hours not including transfers.

Postage is also not included. 

It is possible to extend  the special relationship at an annual cost paid directly to Principe Corsini at 200 Euro per year for the wine package. This price does not include postage if required.

Patron sponsors are welcome to visit their vine, the winery and the estate by apointment directly with the Principe Corsini estate.

About Prince Duccio Corsini

Prince Duccio Corsini's family- Distinguished involvement in art, villas and wines in Florence and Tuscany since 1211.
One of Italy's most historic families, one of Italy's most prestigious private art collections, one of Chianti Classico's oldest estates.
Prince Duccio Corsini is devoted to passing on his heritage and preserving his territory of birth. Prince Duccio Corsini and the Corsini family is actively involved in synergies with the world of fine arts, a focused range of uncompromising Chianti Classicos and long standing Maremma IGT's which are estate wines of exceptional value for money.

Prince Corsini's World of the Arts in 1730:

Lorenzo Corsini elected Pope Clemente XII. He builds the Trevi Fountain in Rome, founds the Musei Capitolini, and restores the facades of San Giovanni in Laterano and Santa Maria Maggiore.
Tommaso Corisini donates the present day headquarters of Academy of Lincei.
Family private collection includes Botticelli, Rafaello, Rubens, Bernini.

The Historic Wine Estates of the Corsini: Villa Le Corti, Home of the Family in Chianti Classico since 1427. La Marsiliana, on the Tuscan coast since 1759.

Prince Corsini and Chianti Classico Wine:

A recognizable style unique of the Northern Chianti Region, characterized by elegance and finesse thanks to San Casciano's "terroir": on cool soils, rich in pebbles. They grow only DOCG Wines based on Sangiovese's traditional blend.

Villa LE CORTI, Tuscany:

The estate was founded in the early 15th century. The Villa and the cellar are national monuments.
256 hectares: 49 hectares of vineyards on ancient alluvial soils at an altitude between 220 to 350 mt.
Prince Duccio Corsini :
"We have made some significant choices:
1. opting for a low-trained spurred cordon cultivation system so the vines can benefit from the earth's warmth;
2. finding the right balance by planting no more than 6000 vines/hectare;
3. stay traditional and never make use of drip irrigation systems.

The wines of Villa Le Corti:

Passing on a winning tradition: 12 times over 90 points from Wine Spectator in the last 10 vintages.
"I try to create elegant wines, where subtlety prevails over the excess of structure." - Prince Duccio Corsini.

The Wines

Le Corti:

• Traditional, estate wine
• Entry level Chianti Classico
• Fragrant, forest fruits, medium body
• Approachable, for every day enjoyment
• Only cement and stainless steel
• Quality/price index = 4,14
• (Wine Spectator - Vintage 2007: 87 points)


• Traditional, from a selection of the estate's best grapes
• Medium priced Chianti Classico
• Mature, Flowery, Mineral
• Intriguing, selectively for wine lovers
• 20 mnths in big oak casks and used tonneaux
• quality/price index = 2,14
• (Wine Spectator - Vintage 2006: 90 points)

Don Tommaso:

• Innovative "Cru", from especially selected vineyards
• Sangiovese with 15% Merlot
• Higher price point Chianti Classico
• Mature, black fruits, fine tannins
• Sensual, for special occasions
• 16 months, 70% in new barriques and 30% in used barriques
• Quality/price index =2,16
• (Wine Spectator - Vintage 2006: 91 points)

Principe Corsini and the Tuscan Coast - a place of diversity.

An evolution in style from traditional Tuscan wines: warmth and power, thanks to the luminous, sunny, windy Tuscan coastal "terroir". From sandy soils, rich in minerals, only coastal wines based on non-traditional Tuscan blends.

La Marsiliana:

Wild, unspoiled, just 6 miles from the Southern Coast of Tuscany. Only 20 hectares of vineyards in the more than 2850 ha of property on sandy, silty soils, 6000 vines/ha, with southern exposure.
"At Marsiliana, we have a richer "palette" of grapes than in Chianti Classico, with as many as seven components: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, plus 10% of a "fritto misto" with Petit Verdot, Syrah, and other varietals we are experimenting with."


• Cabernet S. + Merlot, Estate's Top Wine
• Medium-priced, Maremma I.G.T.
• Silky, dark fruits, Fully Body
• Terroir driven, enjoy with meals
• After 10 month of barrique aging, the best barriques (wines) are selected for another 8 months aging.

Birillo Rosso:

• Cabernet S. + Merlot, the Estate's "Second Vin"
• Very competitive, Maremma I.G.T.
• Dark fruit, chocolate, full body
• Fun wine, enjoy every day
• After 10 month of barrique aging, the wines not selected for "Marsiliana" are blended and bottled as Birillo.

The Newest Principe Corsini Wines

• Chianti DOCG
• 2.95 Euro/Bott.
• Young, fresh, ready to drink
• Only cement
• Aged 12 months

A-101 Riserva

• Chianti Classico DOCG
• 7.00 Euro/bott.
• Ripe, Fruity, Can Age Well
• Large casks, no barriques
• Aged 18 months

 To read more about Prince Duccio Corsini click here


Couple price 900.00 € From 450.00 € per person
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Adopt a Vine with Prince Duccio Corsini
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On 2014/10/31
Greg D said:


We took tours in Venice, Florence, Sienna & Rome. Nothing short of exceptional at every turn. Knowledge, friendliness and honesty are what we got with every tour and guide. They are simply the best. Thank you all for making our trip as memorable as it was. Ciao!


On 2014/09/28
Eric P said:

Excellent, friendly and professions Venice tours

We look 4 tours in Venice today (27 Sept) and cannot adequately describe how pleased we were with the quality of the tours. Christina, our guide, was excellent and very knowledgable. And most importantly, she was extremely friendly and always courteous. We thoroughly enjoyed the day. The day was made up of the gondola ride, the original and best Venice tour (St. Marks), Doge's Palace tour and culminating with the Grand Canal tour on our own boat. Christina was very impressive with her knowledge and presentation skills. It was simply a joy to be in her small tour group. We cannot say enough good things about her. One of the highlights of the tour was being (coincidently) literally two boats away from George Clooney's water taxi as he made his way to the Aman Canal Grande Hotel. It made my wife's day. And we managed to achieve this by coincidence. The boat captain was very professional throughout the madness of many, many boats on the Grand Canal at this time (a little before 19:00). Bravo Art Viva!


On 2014/09/02
Jessica R said:

Absolutely Amazing!

My boyfriend and I only had a day and a half to spend in Florence so we signed up for the Artviva Original Florence Walk. Our tour guide, Klaas, was just amazing. His love for Florence and it's history made the tour so enjoyable and made me fall in love with the city. In 3.5 hours (from 9 am - 12:30 pm) we saw: Piazza del Republica, Orsanmichele, Palazzo Davanzati, Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza di Santa Trinita, Basilica di Santa Trinita, Piazza del Limbo, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Cathedral of Florence with the Duomo, and part of the Bapistery. We were given head sets so we could hear Klaas talking even if we were not right next to him. This tour was amazing for seeing most of Florence in a very short amount of time. My boyfriend and I are not big fans of art so we did not go into the Uffizi but did go see the Statue of David in the Accademia Gallery using the skip the line tickets through Artviva as well. Could not be happier with the way this tour turned out. Thanks again Klaas and Artviva!


On 2014/07/28
Boyan said:


Kane was an excellent guide with a good sense of humor. He is very competent, enthusiastic, and a great story teller. I learnt a great deal from him about the city of Florence. He really made my short stay in Florence that much more enjoyable. Thank you Kane!


On 2014/07/20
Sara said:


Kane was a fabulous guide! He had an extensive knowledge of relevant historical fact and made the history of Florence come alive. It really helped having a native English speaking guide as we found other guides who had English as their second language were often difficult to understand. Thank you Kane!


On 2014/05/26
Kaaren said:


The 4 Venice tours, Venice in one Glorious Day, are outstanding. We did 2 on Mon 5/12 and 2 on Wed 5/14. Jen was our fantastic guide for 2 of them. I don't remember the names of the other 2 Italian ladies, but they were also excellent & easy to understand.


On 2014/05/10
schoon said:

Venice in one glorious day!!!! Having heard from a friend that a visit to Venice could be a challenge as far as visiting the highlights is concerned, we decided to scour the internet for a suitable guided tour. Skipping the line was imperitive for us. Two ladies with 3 adolescent sons,a challenge in itself. We chose to "do" Venice in one day so that we could be free to return to places of interest with enough knowledge to recognise and be sure of not missing the most important sights. Skipping the line to enter the San Marco Basilica was absolutely a highlight. Thousands of visitors stood in the pouring rain in order to get a glimpse of this magnificent masterpiece. Our guide Christina was absolutely professional and was able to keep our teenage sons more than interested. It was also very much appreciated by us that Art Viva gave us a call the day previous to our tour that bad weather was expected and offered us to postpone the gondola trip.


On 2014/04/22
Helen Stevens said:

I'd like to thank Angelos for giving us a fantastic evening tour 16th April. His local knowledge brought Florence alive and made our stay much more enjoyable. Thanks for the tips about places to go - we loved the Opera!


On 2014/04/15
Susan S said:

Simply Wonderful!

Touring the Uffizi Gallery with Klaus was the highlight of our trip to Florence; his passion and knowledge provided for an unforgettable afternoon. Booking a tour with ArtViva is highly recommended!


On 2013/12/15
Ryan Antista said:

Awesome and highly recommended!

I used the Art Viva services while in Florence for two tours, The Uffizi Gallery and the Academia Gallery. Because I went in a low season I was the only client and the company still went through with the service, thank you! I had the best tour guild that I could ever hope for! Her name was Elizabeth. She was knowledgeable, fun to be with, very well informed and broke down the pieces and art history in a way that was artful in and of itself. I give the tour service and specifically Elizabeth a 100% A+ and recommend this group all the way. I had a great experience, thank you so much!!

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